Coiling clay keeps Kayley content!

I am falling in love with clay again. Technically, I didn’t ever fall out of love with it, but I have a renewed enthusiasm for working with the material directly; actually forming it with my hands. As a result, I have popped the casting slip to one side for a while and I’m working with plastic clay. Up on the bench is grogged terracotta.


Coiling is such a rewarding process. In strong contrast to slip casting, there is very little preparation needed and no waiting around for casting to complete. Within a few moments of entering my studio (and making a lovely hot cuppa!) I can be entranced in the rhythmical motions of rolling and attaching the coils, my pot gradually taking shape in front of my eyes.

Of course, not being an experienced coiler it’s going to take me a while to achieve the standard I want. It is inherent in my nature to want to create striking, clean shapes. I want to use this malleable material to construct and sculpt irregular, angular vessels with sharp lines. Something that, for someone who is used to modelling hard materials like plaster and wood, is going to take a lot of practice and will no doubt cause a significant amount of frustration! Even so, I am very excited!

Let me know what you think...

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