New work on its way!

My poor site hasn’t received much attention from me in recent months but it’s all for a good reason… I have moved to a studio in Londontown! I am now very happy to say that I have a studio at the Islington Arts Factory! I love being (relatively) close to where I work – 10 miles or so is much closer than the 200 mile trek I was making to Lincolnshire so often. My studio comes with new challenges – I’ve started teaching clay classes to children and adults and I’m really loving it!

I have new work coming together for a show in January at The Mall Galleries in London. The exhibition is called Designer Crafts and is fabulously put together by the Society of Designer Craftsmen.

This pic shows me pouring my first trug in the new studio…


A new handle being pressed, with the help of my brother, Langley. (It’s a four-handed job at the moment!)…

Handle with Lang

And new work in development using my new bench-profiling toy!…



More information to come soon!

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