Dipping glazes makes me HAPPY!!

Happy New Year!!! I hope you all had a lovely festive break!

Over the Christmas holidays, I ventured into my studio and tried dipping my work in glaze, rather than spraying it, for the very first time! I decided to try this first with clear glaze, as I find it very forgiving and wanted to give myself the best chance of success!!




After sieving and mixing 20 litres of glaze for SIX HOURS (above) I was finally ready to give it a go. I’m very pleased to say that the fired results were very positive! Not perfect (I know, I can hear your hearts breaking for me!) but still extremely promising. Some of the glaze splintered off the pieces, this is a problem that occurs when a kiln is rushed to cool, an amateur mistake, but I was on a very tight timescale. I certainly won’t be doing that again. As I was in such a rush, I didn’t have a chance to take photos of the fired pieces.

I also made some coloured slip tests, each containing a different percentage of coloured stain, sadly, once fired, these all came out the same colour! I don’t understand why! Slip decoration is something I will return to in the future, for the moment I think I’m going to concentrate on coloured glazes again.

So, my next move is to invest in some dipping tongs and give dipping a go with some coloured glaze… of course, before I can do this, my coloured glaze needs tweaking as it keeps producing pin holes during firing. I’ve got plenty to keep me busy!

Over and out.

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