Glazing agony!

Good news: I am still working hard in my studio, casting, firing and glazing and I have spent the last few months honing the colour of my glaze so it is juuuust right. I now have a fixed recipe and can achieve the beautiful slate-blue colour that I love.

Bad news: The glaze just won’t settle evenly – grrrr!!! I like a smooth glossy finish, but what I’m getting is dimpling; sort of orange peel, sort of crawling, particularly on the inside of the pieces (see below).

IMG_4679 IMG_4738



I have tried wiping off any dust with a lightly dampened sponge and covering with newspaper to stop any more falling on the surface the day before glazing. I have slowed down the rise in kiln temperature for the firings. I have changed my spray gun, twice! I have tried gently rubbing down the glaze surface before firing.

I am firing my bisque to a lower temperature than my glaze, do you think this could be it?

Are there any potters out there who can help me??? Any suggestions welcome!

Let me know what you think...

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