March Update

I have been working hard, casting and fettling, and now have a little collection of trugs drying in my shedio, I still have a few more to go until I’ll be able to fill the kiln at the NCCD, but I think it’s about time I booked my first firing!

I can’t believe the amount of slip I’m going through! I started casting smaller trugs (the new mould is fantastic, I’m so pleased with it) and have really loved getting back into the swing of things. From starting with the smaller mould, I moved on to casting the larger trugs. I cannot believe how difficult it is to cast from the larger mould – It’s back breaking and particularly difficult in my little shed where there isn’t enough room to swing a kitten, let alone a cat! It’s a two person operation, as I need to have a strong helper on hand to help tip the slip out of the mould (thanks, Dad!). I have decided to have a go at making a new, more streamlined, large mould to make things easier and to save our poor backs!

I am still receiving emails from lovely people who are interested in my work, I am so flattered by their interest and can’t wait to start fulfilling orders. I just hope everything goes well with the glazing. As I’ll be doing this at the NCCD, it looks like the only feasible option is to dip the trugs in glaze or pour the glaze over them. I don’t really have any experience of either and, quite honestly, I’m a bit nervous about it! After spending so much time and effort on my casts I’d hate to spoil them at this last hurdle. I once did work experience at a studio in New York, the very talented gentlemen who ran the studio made dipping and pouring glazes look like a doddle! I hope I pick up the skills quickly! Anyway, I’m running away with myself – I’ve got to get on with some more casting and sort the first firing before I get to the glazing!

March Montage 2013

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