See my trug at the V&A!!!

Click here to whizz to the V&A Shop website

My ceramic trug (the one that was featured on Paul Martin’s Handmade Revolution) is now on display in the V&A shop – it will be there until the 12th November – so go and take a peek if you get a chance. I’ll be visiting the museum tomorrow to see it before it sells (*fingers crossed*)!!
Pics of the trug at the V&A to follow in the next few days…

One Reply to “See my trug at the V&A!!!”

  1. Hi Kayley

    I didn’t ask at the time, when we corresponded a couple of weeks ago, but I’d be interested in buying the trug you have on display.

    I just wasn’t sure if you we’re keeping it as a display item, or committed to selling at the V&A. Of course, I don’t know how much you’re expecting to sell for, and I know you have my mail address for future reference anyway.

    Either way, let me know if you would. I’d still be looking to buy at some stage when you have more work completed.

    Best wishes


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