Waste not, want not!

This weekend has been pretty productive – steady, but promising! I’m making a new trug model and mould and I had forgotten just how challenging it can all be – there’s so much to get your head around! Luckily, I have a wonderful friend over at Kiss Me Kate Ceramics who was on the end of the phone when I needed some brilliant and inspiring technical advice!

As well as watching me puzzle over my trug model measurements, this weekend my little studio saw its first ever casting sesh. Sadly though, I didn’t quite leave the slip in the mould to cast for long enough and I decided to destroy the piece once it had dried as it was too thin. It’s ok though, I loved getting my hands dirty again and I can reuse the slip at a later date… waste not, want not!



One Reply to “Waste not, want not!”

  1. Hey Kayley really glad you’ve got making again. I met you at The Mall Galleries, and then at Hobbs! Great you’ve got some studio space and can create again. Well done on your success with you trug on TV!!!
    Best of luck

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